RAF Lakenheath 30/03/2016

RAF Lakenheath 30/03/2016

With RAF Lakenheath’s intensive flying month drawing to a close (the 48th FW’s busiest since at least 2009, according to its commander on social media), there was time for one more visit early doors to photograph the Liberty Wing’s finest on Wednesday the 30th of March.

Having read that the previous day’s first launch had started around 0730, we knew that we could not afford to be late in getting there, and, as the A14 goes, traffic wasn’t so bad.  Even so, by the time we arrived, just after 0735, eight 494th FS “Panthers” F-15Es were already airborne (to be strictly accurate, a further 12 492nd FS “Madhatters”F-15Es were also airborne, but they would not be back, having departed before 0700 for their trip to Andravida, Greece).

A number of F-15Cs of the 493rd FS “Grim Reapers” were either engines running or started shortly after, and we did get to witness six of these getting airborne from Runway 24, plus a further 494th FS straggler.

It was a beautiful morning, and it wasn’t long before they started to return, either, and when they did so the circuit was kept busy with lots of overshoots and low-approaches.  In fact, between the 15 aeroplanes that were airborne, they flew past the camera no fewer than 36 times!

By 0950 the fun and games was over and they were all back at the nest – an excellent morning’s haul!

Word came through from RAF Lossiemouth that the pink Operation GRANBY commemorative Tornado GR4 was on the line, and we suspected it may be RAF Marham-bound for repairs.  You can find out all about how that went next time.

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