Birmingham Airport (BHX) 05/04/2016

Birmingham Airport (BHX) 05/04/2016

Having developed something of a taste for it just five days earlier, I found myself back at Birmingham Airport (BHX) on the afternoon of Tuesday, 5th April 2016, this time armed not only with my camera but also with my steps!

This was much more of a speculative punt than my visit the week earlier.  I was only free from very-late morning and it looked like being the only vaguely reasonable weather day of the week.  Even then, the forecast did imply that there would be sunshine and clouds, so it was either going to be brilliant or it was going to be a disaster.

With nothing desperately exciting parked on the Elmdon Apron, I headed straight to the Runway 33 approach (one of these days they will be on 15!!) for the imminent arrivals of Emirates A380 and Qatar Airways 787.  In truth, the sun position is still very marginal at that time of day anyway, so it wasn’t too disappointing when it was absent altogether for the arrival of each.

To be honest, the light was pretty horrible for much of the afternoon.  Only occasionally would breaks correspond with action.  When they did, though, the results were pretty stunning as the clouds in the background were often jet black.

Again, Tom Gautier joined me, and he came with news that an An-26 was expected later in the afternoon.  BHX once again promised to deliver an Antonov!

Both the Turkmenistan and PIA Triples landed with the sun obscured, and it was all starting to look like “disaster” would prevail over “brilliant”.

With the An-26 (LZ-FLL of down to a double-digit number of miles away, it even started to rain.  As it flew down the approach there seemed to be no way in the world that the sun would – even could – pop out, but somehow it did just that!

From that moment on, conditions were almost exclusively stunning.

It had been a long time coming, but those last few hours were absolutely brilliant, and I look forward to getting back to BHX again soon! 

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